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Current Conditions

 Day time Sunrise 07:30
Sunset 18:05

Davis VP2 Forecast:- increasing clouds with little temp change, precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hrs.

Temperature 13.1 °C 13.6 °C  at 11:32
8.8 °C  at 08:08
+0.4 °C /hr
Humidity 78 % 89 % at 08:10
74 % at 11:51
0 % /hr
Pressure 1019.8 hPa 1021.0 hPa  at 11:20
1018.7 hPa  at 00:03
-0. /hr
Wind 1.8 mph   S Last hour: 3 mph S
Max day: 12.7 mph  SSE
Light Air
0 Bft
Rain - 0.0 mm 6 day(s) without measurable rain
Month Rain: 1.8 mm
0.0 mm /hr
0.0 mm /3 hr
Feels Like:
13 °C
Dew Point:
Wet Bulb:
11.1 °C
Cloud Height:
554 m

UK Weather Warnings & Advisories
Warnings & Advisories issued by the UK Met Office for London & the South East will appear here when available.

Rainfall Radar

UV Index Forecast

UV Index

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UV Index see the UV Forecast page.

Weather Outlook

Tuesday Night
Chance rain
Chance rain

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see the Weather Forecast Page.

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